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Note: 1) To revise Annexure please delete cache/history/cookies by using CTRL+SHIFT+DEL. 2)Road Permit and Transit Permit discontinued from 01-Jul-2017 and 05-Jul-2017 respectively till further Notice.

  • e Registration

    E-Registration helps taxpayers to register online using JCRF, Casual Dealer Registration, CST Registration, JPT 101 , JPT 103 and TDS Enrollment.

  • e Return

    Returns for VAT Normal and MRP Dealers will be filled in the V-2 on available Return Formats. Original and revised return will be filled till June for FY 2017-18 only. Similarly return for Composite Dealers and CST Dealers will be filled in V-2 on the available Return Formats till June for FY 2017-18 only.

  • e Payment

    Now Dealers can make payment online using the payment modes. E Payment is available on 2 modes - i) Netbanking ii) PayGovIndia . Under Netbanking we have 8 banks and Egras.

  • e Road Permit & e CST Forms

    Transit Permit and Road Permit are discontinued from 05-Jul-2017 and 01-Jul-2017 respectively till further Notice. Central Forms (C,F,H,E) available in the V-2 in Web Forms and ODS. For ODS dealer can download the Template, fill it offline and Upload it.

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